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What is plusfd.com

Plusfd.com is a local business listings online directory specializing in listing Facebook pages, social and professional networking accounts alongside the traditional information found on regular directories.
Plusfd.com is unique because of the smart functions and services it provides both users and clients on plusfd.com; users can reach any listing in three clicks or less without using a keyboard. users can also use the advanced search engine where they can use keywords to search for business names and products or services. as for clients Plusfd.com offers an upgrade service for listings that want to distinguish themselves from other listings and gain.
Plusfd.com wants to provide its visitors with easy and smart functions that can help them with their day to day lives.

What makes plusfd.com special?

The Plusfd.com Three Clicks or less promise:

The structure of the directory allows users to reach any listing in three clicks or less by organizing pages under
clear and well structured categories placed on the home page for easy access.

The three clicks are:

Click One: Category.

Click Two: Sub-Category.

Click Three: Listing. 

Advanced search engine:

Plusfd.com only offers the best to its visitors and clients so when we were designing the plusfd.com search
engine we had in mind many of the common issues that face users and create challenges and end up costing
businesses extra advertising dollars to try and avoid.

Plusfd.com search engine is advanced because:

1. Eliminates language barriers. (Our search engine can search and find any page in both Arabic or English
even if the page was written in only of them).

2. Visitors can search by product or service name to reach the pages corresponding
to businesses that offer those products or services. 

Highlighted Offers and Updates Page:

1. Visitors can find Highlighted offers and updates from local businesses which cover all the categories.

2. Local businesses who upgrade their listings on plusfd.com can post offers in a matter of seconds.

The Trusted Information Stamp:

This stamp is given only to upgraded listings on plusfd.com to indicate that all information
about the business is correct.

Auto Information Update:

On plusfd.com visitors are guaranteed updated information all the time on all listings.

Note: our smart directory will automatically update the information as soon as it is updated on the Facebook page
connected to each listing.





Arabic title: 
من نحن
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