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our courses are flexibly designed to address the student's need throughout the academic year.

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Since the mid-eighties, the number of private schools in Amman offering international educational programmes accelerated. This growth was not associated with development in specialized teacher and administrative training programs. As a specialized and comprehensive centre to serve international programmes students, teachers, as well as schools according to their needs ;Iepec was established. by Raed Abu Rumman in April, 2001 and is registered with Jordan’s Ministry of Education and is an Attached Centre for the International Diploma For Teachers and Trainers through the British Council / Jordan. Registration is open for students of IGCSE & A-Levels ◊ Completed 8th grade: Introduction to IGCSE Programme for students new to IGCSE ◊ Completed 9th grade - IGCSE 1: Specific courses for students who need: » extra support in specific subjects, » to retake exams, » are new to IGCSE ◊ Completed 9th grade - IGCSE 2: Specific courses for students who have successfully completed the requirements of IGCSE 1 and want to get a head start in IGCSE 2 leading to the External Examinations ◊ A-Level AS / A2: Courses for A-Level students who are interested in studying specific modules.


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