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planning and organizing weddings and events. Also, floral arrangement and landscape.

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al swaifyah , ali nasouh altaher street , Amman, Jordan


Mayar is a Wedding Planning company , was established in 2011, with a highly qualified and professional weddings’ and flowers arrangement designers, who have a long experience in this field. Our goals are: - Create outstanding and amazing ideas to please our customers according to their request. - Organize, design, and arrange wonderful wedding, parties, and event, etc. - Offer a large variety of hand bouquets, Vase arrangements and floral tributes and plants. - Prepare outdoor landscape services include irrigation, planting outdoor and indoor, and maintenance of gardens. delivery for our customers’ requests in and outside Amman. Provide free- - Accept requests by VISA CARD. Our services are as follows: - Wedding & events planning - Floral design - bride hand bouquet - Wedding & Engagement center pieces - flowers arrangement - flowers delivery - flowers online - flowers basket & vases - flowers for (mother day, valentine, Christmas, new year, anniversary, birthday, new baby, get well, sympathy & funeral , reception flower decoration, landscape & green plants, Ikebana design) Our aim is to please, satisfy and accommodate the needs of our customers as per their request, in addition to our acceptable price. Therefore, you will never forget your moments with MAYAR. 0797044466 0786187777 065863627


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